Friday, December 6, 2013

New adventures - I'm making soap!

     Last year the gallery where I am a member had a call for snowflakes.  I couldn't think of a single thing to do so I decided until I saw a mold for snowflakes at the craft store.  I had been reading cold process soap recipes and decided to try making the snowflakes out of soap.  They were a big hit and sold out quickly. 
     Since then I've learned a lot more about the soapmaking process.  I'm especially drawn to being able to use the herbs and plants I'm already growing.  Making my first batch of rosemary soap with my own rosemary was quite a thrill.  That other people seem to be enjoying using it as make I do is a great bonus. 
     A few months ago, The Scenter of Town began carrying my soap.  I'll be busy this winter planning new recipes and building the wooden molds I need to keep my inventory up.  I'll writing some more posts soon about my new adventure....which incidentally has helped fuel my artwork.  I'm working on some new encaustic pieces that I feel pretty good about.  

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