Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve!

This photograph is from a new series I will be working on..well, I was going to try set a time frame but I will be continuing this until I think I've finished with the idea.  The ammonites are cast handmade paper.  I've made some smaller pieces, about 6 x 6 with the cast ammonites and encaustic.  I learned from the small pieces that I wanted a more recessed surface to work on.  I built the frame for this piece which is approximately 12 x 18 and 1 inch deep. During my graduate work I built some large landscapes out of cardboard.  Those pieces led me to build these layers from cardboard and wood filler. Next I applied several layers of encaustic gesso.  The painting is done in encaustic and was the easiest part.  I am pretty happy with the outcome and have some jumping off point for my next piece.  After the New Year when I can get back into my studio and build a larger frame, I plan to continue building strata but cut into it so the cast paper pieces themselves are more recessed.

Tonight I will be playing my flute at the jazz service at church and spending time with my family.  Usually after church we hop in the car with travel mugs of hot chocolate to look at Christmas lights.  Wishing all a very Merry Christmas from Artful Dimensions Gallery

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