Monday, January 27, 2014

Working on my website and learning to package round soap

This past week I've been working on building my new website.  At the recommendation of a friend I choose to use  I have had a website for my artwork using  OtherPeoplesPixels.  I have to say if you're an artist looking for a way to present your portfolio online, I highly recommend them.  I've had a great experience with them but the focus of my site is shifting from the presentation of my artwork to the sale of soap and I found weebly easier to manage.

I'm still so surprised that my soapmaking which began by accident a little over a year ago has taken off so quickly.  In March, I'm planning to do my first event.  I'll be at the Health Expo here in town.  With that event on the horizon I've been busy making soap, packaging soap and getting promotional materials together.

My batch of Chamomile Lavender is ready to be packaged and I used my new round silicon mold.  I usually wrap my soap with handmade paper and seal it with wax, but I wasn't sure how to package my round least not in a way that was economical.   I was very glad to find this video on YouTube.

I have leftover coffee filters! Time to design some labels!

If you get a chance visit my new site