Monday, May 7, 2012

Artful Dimensions Gallery

     In October, I was really fortunate to be accepted into a local gallery.  Artful Dimensions is a gallery dedicated to exhibiting 3-dimensional art and fine craft.   I even have a studio there now.....Studio 6.  My studio doesn't have a ceiling so it's not a great place for me to churn up a lot of saw dust, but it's been wonderful to connect with other area artists and get both support and feedback about my work. 

The link in the next paragraph will take you a blog written by Elizabeth Woodford about textile art at the gallery.  Some of work is featured in the post. 

Artful Dimensions Gallery: Textile Arts at Artful Dimensions: For the next several posts I plan to highlight the various media that you will discover at Artful Dimensions.  We have a marvelously unique ...